Small Groups

jesus-small groupsAt the Vineyard, Small  Groups are the best place for sustained life change to occur. Vineyard Small Groups are a safe place to meet new people, make friends, grow in faith and have fun.

Check out the Small Groups below and join one today!




Gifts of the Spirit

The bottom line of Jesus’ teaching is not only to learn about what Jesus did, but to learn to do the works of Jesus.  There is very little written to “how” to minister in the Spiritual gifts as Jesus did.  My Desire is to be pragmatic and to train you to function effectively in the gifts.  I think you will find this  teaching fresh and enlightening.  We want to find a place of balance between solid theology and Spirit-led experience. I hope to give you the keys that will open the functioning of the gifts in your life.

Leader: Thor Colberg

Time: Sundays, 5pm – 6pm

Location: TBA

* No childcare




photoMen’s Community

Leaders: Jason Wallace and Chad Gammon

Time: Second Monday of every month

Location: Differs every month. Watch the Grapevine for details




Relentless Love

Leaders: Kelly and Jason Wallace

Time: Tuesdays at 7:30pm

Location: Emily and David Fritz’s

* No childcare



Tyler and Rachel Garvey

Storyline – How to Live a Great Story

Leaders: Rachel & Tyler Garvey

Time: Wednesdays at 7pm

Location: Jesi and Ryan Gabel’s – Huntersville

* Kids welcome!



Thor and Bonnie Colberg

Speaking of Jesus

The art of not-evangelism

Some of us fear moments when we need to defend our theology. Some of us seek them out. But we are seldom ready the way Jesus seemed to be ready. So how do we draw others to God in the midst of these ordinary conversations the way Jesus did?

Leaders: Thor & Bonnie Colberg

Time: 2nd & 4th Wednesdays at 6:00pm

Location: Taco Mac across from Birkdale Village

8700 Sam Furr Road, Huntersville

* No childcare



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